Your winter safety is our primary concern.

Great Northern Property Services offers seasonal snow plowing contracts to all of our clients to ensure guaranteed service, dependable response and predictable costs. We also provide snow plowing on a per service basis at pre-negotiated rates.

We use multi position front V-plows with trip edges, combined with rear bumper plows, resulting in improved efficiency, less down time and better protection from damage to your curbs and sidewalks. We guarantee that we will not block your sidewalk or driveway with snow removed from the roadway. We also offer removal of accumulated snow from your premises for those extremely heavy snow years. Great Northern Property Services’ year round maintenance programs provide for no charge repair and replacement of curbs, shrubs, trees and turf damaged by snow removal.

Additional Snow Maintenance Services

  • Snow Fence Installation

  • Salting and Sanding

  • Sidewalk Service

  • Snow Removal